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.The lack of health insurance can be financially disastrous to any person on any given day. A healthy person could be making a great living and then suddenly be stricken with appendicitis or a similar illness. Without insurance, the medical costs associated with a hospital stay and an operation could absolutely cripple a person’s financial health. That’s why finding affordable health insurance is so important.

Altrua Health share is a “nationwide faith-based health sharing organization in which members share in each other’s medical needs.” Health-sharing is NOT insurance and it is NOT part of the Affordable Care Act, which means you can buy it at any time of the year. However, if you do purchase an Altrua plan, you do NOT have to pay the ACA penalty.

altrua healthshare is not right for everyone, but it could be the best fit for:
A.) People who need it for basic medical service or only want to cover a catastrophic event.
B.) People who do not have any major pre-existing conditions
C.) People who agree to Altrua’s statement of standards
Understanding The Membership

First Member Responsibility Amount (1st MRA): The member’s first out of pocket amount before the membership shares in eligible needs (any amount not related to office visits, wellness visits, sick visits, check-ups, follow-up visits, etc.).
Second Member Responsibility Amount (2nd MRA): The percentage of members are responsible for after the 1st MRA is met, and before the membership shares in eligible needs. The membership shares simultaneously in eligible needs as the member’s 2nd MRA is being met.
Things to Note

Members are sent monthly contribution requests based on age and household, which they submit to remain active in the membership.
Members whose weight exceeds the membership standard will have a share increase added to their monthly contribution.
To date, all eligible medical needs have been shared on behalf of members by Altrua HealthShare

Obtaining affordable health insurance becomes even more important when there’s children involved. All parents know that one of the worst feelings in the world is caring for a child that is sick. Parents feel helpless– all they want to do is take the sickness and pain away from their child. How much more stressful everything becomes when there is no health insurance to cover the cost of bringing the child to the doctor. No parent should have to worry about how much money a trip to the doctor or the hospital is going to cost them.

Affordable health insurance should be available to anyone who wants and needs it. Any person looking into health insurance and how affordable it may be must take all factors into consideration. People need to realize that the cost of health insurance isn’t just the monthly fee that has to be paid. The amount of co-pays and the deductibles have to be taken into consideration as well. Not every insurance program is for everyone. One health insurance program may be affordable for a single person but not nearly as affordable for an entire family. Therefore, each program must be examined from the viewpoint of the person and/ or family that needs the coverage. Finding the most affordable health insurance is well worth any time and energy that has to be invested by any person.


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